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Happy Birthday to ...

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Come on everybody, sing along now!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to Szymon !

Happy Birthday to you!

:D :D :D

Now, the birthday boy/girl will have to come up with a challenge!!! :P

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Thanks a LOT folks :) I'm really surprissed :blink:

I was on short vacations that day / last week and hadn't chance to read your wishes before :) Thank you :D

Weather in Poland is great right now - cool sun. It's not always like that. Also, we had great time on Polish lakes where me and my wife spent about 3 days - only :(

It's really cool to get that wiches, specially that I'm very young Houdini user. Currently I'm 26 and sorry for my crappy English ;) I know it's not so bad, but I do a lot of weird gramma errors.

You can catch some of my work at www.masiak.3d.pl . Maybe some of you will find some job for me? Would be great. You can catch me at: semasiak@bb.onet.pl

Take care all of you and thanks again for everything.

Szymon Masiak

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