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alternate version for particle wave

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Hello all,

I'm using Peter's great Tutorial "particle wave" as reference but I'm not trying to replicate it.

I'm using a vopop to add $CR value to the position of the particles, but it look like the particles are NOT going back to their original position( 0 in Y).

what am I doing wrong?

thanks for any help or link to previous post..

EDIT: if someone can think of a better way to do this, without pop, with an attribute transfer, a vopsop...anything, that would work too.

I'm mainly trying to get the bar to scale up in Y.

They will drive something else later.


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1) you don't need popnet to make "wave". Bypass it and you'll have what you want

2) But if you wnt/need to use pops: your particles are not going back beacuse you're adding current pos to $CR. let's say you had $TY== 0 and when $CR became 1 you have 0+1 == 1. Now when $CR is 0 again you're adding current pos (==1 already) and 0 ($CR) - and your particle doesn't change position.

I'd use some rest position (you can add rest pos sop and use this attrib in your vop pop instead of P)

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Hi Bloomendale,

Thanks a lot for your reply. I'll try bypassing the popnet as you said.

I totally thought that I was just replacing the $CR value to the position. So when the value of CR is going down, P was going down...

I'll try adding the rest node to the network and see.

I'll post my result tomorrow.

thanks again for your input

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finally got the time to reply. :)

Thanks again Bloomdale! I removed the popnet and tweaked the copy sop stamp expression to grab the right channel and tadah!

but now for whatever reason my bars are pointing downward??? I also started to add the other elements in my scene.

I'm trying (for my own ) to recreate one of the FX in the anime Ghost in the shell:innocence (see image attached).




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hahahah! ok, or it's way too early or way to late! :)

Thanks Bloomendale!

I connected the "audio lines" to the copy1 sop and tweaked the radius of the Lattice and it looks great!

I'll continue to tweak it and post the update soon.


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