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Timeshift/Timeblend with a pre-cached .bgeo RBD sequence issues

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I'm very new too Houdini (been using it for pretty much a week - loving it so far :)) so I apologise ahead of time for my naivety.

Basically I've got a sphere that is fractured using a Voronoi Fracture SOP which is then made a RBD Fracture object. I've got my simulation looking nice over 40 frames at 25fps - simple exploding rock really but I'm looking to re-time the cached .bgeo sequence.

I want the initial explosion (first 20 frames) to happen in 5 frames and the last 20 frames to be dragged out for 125 frames for a slow motion effect.

Here is where I've been looking into using the Timeshift/Timeblend SOP's but I can't seem to get it working - I think this has something to do with the generation of new points in the Voronoi Fracture SOP?... I got that from another thread on this forum so not sure if that is my issue.

Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction

p.s. I've attached my file for you to have a laugh at :). I'm sure it is riddled with other problems and any other advice on my setup would be greatly appreciated


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No worries, I have solved it myself - I used a voronoi fracture config node after the RBD Fracture node.

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