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Controlling a keyframe via input field

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Is it possible to be able to control the placement of a keyframe via a input field without scripting? ( sad to say script guru, i am most definitely, not ).

To elaborate :

i have a digital asset that has 3 keyframes.

The first keyframe is fine; is always supposed to be at 0, with a value of 1.

The second keyframe is supposed to always be in the middle of the 3 keyframes, with a value of 0.

The third keyframe is the one that i would want the user, in a Digital Asset, to be able to input in, which frame does he/she want the keyframe to be at, always with a value of 1.

To make things slightly more complicated, this one input is currently now controlling two other nodes, which is already working fine, because i know how to Paste Copied Relative References, tweak a bit of the expressions,etc.

Its just this part that im not so sure about; how to hook up this input field to be able to control the third keyframe.

Or does it have to be via scripting?

would appreciate any input.

Thanks :)

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I've thought of that too, using a ramp parameter. The problem is how would i be able to hook up the value of that position parameter input field, with the keyframe in the blendshape node that i've animated..

Could you elaborate please?

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