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zoom/track viewport without adjusting camera parms

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Hi There,

In Maya, You can hold down the \ key and basically zoom & track your camera's view without it adjusting any parameters on the camera itself. You can then toggle between normal and this new view by pressing \ again.

is there anything like this is houdini?


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In Maya there are camera parameters (which affect the viewport only) that allows you to pan and zoom on the view if it were a 2d image (and it won't affect your camera render frustrum). The tool you're talking about adjusts these parameters based on the user's mouse inputs in the viewport.

The closest you can get to this in Houdini by adjusting the Screen Window X/Y and Size parameters (and reset them before you render, as they do change the camera frustrum AFAIK). But I don't think there's an interactive tool for that so you have to tweak these in the camera parameter panel.

Such a tool would be very useful sometimes, though. (Another thing I'd like to have is a "dolly-zoom" camera tool. 3dsmax has it and I wrote one for myself back in my Maya days, but I don't know how to do it in Houdini.)

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Guest tar

You can use Takes with the winx/y winsizex/y parameters; These can be dragged to Ui, see attached screen-grab.

Currently the Alt key & right mouse btn gives you interactive winsizex/y thru the viewport, though this is bug and will most likely change to dollying, like when using the spacebar.


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Well that should work just fine for my needs.

I'm assuming I can create my own custom slider, and multiply these winx/y and winsizex/y parms by it?

As to only have to use one slider

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Resurrecting this thread, cuz when I adjust the window size, my 3D objects and my background image no longer line up.  Sometimes you need to zoom in on a section of the plate while working through the camera.

This doesn't seem possible.   Am I missing something?


Also, Overscan?  in maya I always worked some gutter around my render crop. Check the box, make it 1.5 or something.  Helpful when your monitor isn't the aspect as the render, which is always.

Is this possible? Hard to search the docs when I don't know what that would be called in Houdini.



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