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Black peaks problems in pbr and micropolygon

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these look like NANs to me. Could you inspect them in Mplay and take a look what value it returns for these pixels?

I guess you tried cranking up the refract/reflect limit without any effect. I would guess it's some kind of raytracing bias issue. Try playing with this setting and try "Bias along normal".

It might also be a weird occurence of total internal reflection which cant be solved with a higher refract/reflect limit. Could you try to change your IOR values and see if it changes anything?

I've had issues with fresnel before so maybe try to use a ramp for your fresnel and see if that helps.

If all of that does not help it seems there's something wrong with your geometry like broken normals.

Of course it would be best if you could share your scene so we could take a look at it.



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If you can't afford rerender it, there is a COP node called "illegal Pixel" that does a great job on removing these black NANs.

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Thanks Guys, sorry for the delay, dennis i tried all, the normals looks right i never tried with The IOR and a custom fresnel, ill upload the scene later when i come home.

Thanks guys

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