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UpRes-initial state-Pyro**Issue**

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Hello OdForce!

I have an issue with the initial state on the Pyro UPRES. The initial state from my LowRes sim doesn't seem to work with the UPRES Pyro solver. Instead of simulating from the Initial state it re-simulate from the beginning.

I also tried to make another .sim file but now from the Upres DopNetwork and instead of continuing the sim( purpose of the initial state... :huh:) it kind of glitching.

Here's a flipbook------> https://www.dropbox....State_Weird.mov

I could easily delete the glitching frames, probably ±10 frames(Scale time: 1) but am looking for a Slow-mo fire so I would have to delete maybe 40 frames or higher(Scale time: 0,2)with a High resolution.

Is anyone has ever experienced this kind of problem?

Thank you OdForce! ^_^

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I searched on OdForce about SlowMotion and I probably found a solution for my problem. Instead of using the initial state and make my SlowMo by playing with the Scale Time on the DOPNetwork, I will simulate at real-time but with more substeps and then use a timeshift(integer OFF) to slowdown my sim. Plus, now I will be able to use the Upres to maximise the resolution. :)


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