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get rid of mushroom effect in explosion and add details in the opening


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Hey Jeff,

This is great info for a commonly faced problem in Houdini. Any chance of these solutions, or information making it into the package?

Also, we've had great luck varying Disturbance by the speed of the Simulation. Actually Sam Hancock figured that one out. Really saved us on some prevous shows!


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I sent you a message on vimeo, but I'm posting it here too if anyone has the same issue :



thats because you are bringing another object to simulation, and Gas Field Wrangle is not pointing to specific object data to update velocity but is using "*" instead.
To make it work find "set_vel_from_particles" node and go to Inputs Tab. There is a field called Input2 DOP Data, which points to "*/`chs("../createpoints/datapath")`". Change "*" with the name of your smoke object, for example "smokeobject1/`chs("../createpoints/datapath")`" and it should work as you expect.



you may also try 


if you don't want to change the name of the data each time when object name changes.

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