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Best way to get reflection from fire

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Hey Guys

i was just wondering what way everyone uses to get ground reflection and reflection on objects without having to render textures...... So just a layer of fire reflection to comp on top.

I usually make the fire phantom but what material is best to make the floor/objects.

Thanks for looking at my post guys :)

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Your materials should match what objects you want lit in the scene.

If you have a dirt ground then a diffuse material would be best. If you have a reflective floor then turn on reflections.

You want these materials to be very close to what they would be in real world, eg. bump texture/ reflection/ fresnel amount/ etc.

You should be able to get away with using noise in the bump for most stuff. Depends on your scene though

You can then just use all_reflect and all_diffuse AOVs (or what ever you need) for your render then add them in comp so you shouldnt need to worry about alphas.

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