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Chop channels

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Hey all,

I'm trying to get more into both chops, and creating hda's in general. I thought creating a camera shake asset would be a good place to start, as it can start very simple, and gradually get more complex.

I have things off to a good start I think (with my limited experience), but I'm hitting some walls trying to make everything as procedural as possible. Right now, I use the input camera's translation and rotations, apply the chops, then export it out to a different camera.

I'd like to not have to use a different camera, but rather, just export/override the original camera animation with the updated shakey animation, and this is where i'm stuck.

I know I can easily right click on a channel, and choose 'create clip', which creates the chop net, with a channel chop, and the corresponding channel(s). I can't really figure out how it reads the original camera's animation into the channel chops 'values'. It seems like it just copies the keyframes into it.

So I guess I'm just looking for the best way to make this more procedural.

also, sometimes when I change, or modify the parm interface. it makes my chop net no longer function correctly, and I have to click through each node, one by one for them to update. I must be doing something wrong, or is this normal behavior? If I change the display name for a parm, everything stops working, then I click though each chop, and it works again. I don't think I'm bringing things into chops correctly. A little explanation to clear things up would be super heplful and much appreciated!



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Okay so i've managed to clean up/get rid of a few nodes. But I'm starting to rethink the camera thing. Without defeat, maybe it is best to have a seperate camera for the shaking, and just pass all the camera parms to it. That way, It's still really easy to animate the original camera, and see the shake side by side. Anyone else have any thoughts? Here's the camShake asset i'm working on slightly updated.

I'm still having issues with the parameter interface and chops though. It seems that when I add/modify the paramter interface on my subnet, the fetch nodes within chops stop updating.


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