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Question on Bbox() and UV Project

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I have a question regarding how to map the scale of a UV Project node (or any other value for that matter) using the bounding box of an object. I'm still getting used to the way the Houdini expressions work, so I would really appreciate a lot any input hta you could get me.

I'm using an image sequence to trace some geometry, but I would like to have that traced geo to have the UV's properly projected since it is changing its form. One way that I tought of working this out is linking the UV SCALE values to something like this:

UV Project

SCALE X = bbox(myObject, sizeOfTheBoundingBoxInX)

SCALE Y = bbox(myObject, sizeOfTheBoundingBoxInY)

SCALE Z = bbox(myObject, sizeOfTheBoundingBoxInZ)

I tried using the $BBX and $D_SIZEX but the UV Project node throws me an error and the scale gets evaluated in 0.

Thanks a lot four your time guys!!!

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The second argument for the bbox() expression is D_XSIZE, without the "$" and the X in front. You could maybe also try using local variables such as $SIZEX in the UV project node. For all valid arguments for the bbox() expression I suggest you look at the help file.

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