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Useful Pass for Particle effects

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Hi everyone! :)

Am working right now on a shot. It's a sort of ink effect with a mix of millions of particles and wispy smoke. Am pretty PEON to particle rendering and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what are the most useful pass for particle effects.

For the moment, the pass I will use are:

-Beauty (constant shader)

-Depth of field (grayscale) Technique based on this thread -----> http://forums.odforc... field__st__12

-Age (grayscale)

-Shadows (still searching a good way to fake shadows)

-RGB(3 lights) What is the best way to use this pass? Do I have to use those three channels separatly as a Mask?

What are the most useful pass for particle rendering?


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If you are rendering wispy smoke then the rgb pass will probably be your most useful. You just isolate each channel, color grade it, and add them all back together. Make sure you maintain your alpha channel. Conversely, you could also grade your alpha channel to get different effects. Try playing with the gamma. You can make channels for anything though it's really all about what you need. Some people make 1000 passes just to use one. The key is to know what you need and use that. Myself, I would just use rgb lights and spend the extra time on the sim. :)

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