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Car Tire Through Mud

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Hello Everyone,

I have a car animation that is travles (at a certain point) through some dense dirt/mud and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? I started some RnD last week and was using a high viscous flip solve, and was getting some decent results but wanted some more mud clumps or dirt clods. Any advice or help would be much appreciated!


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You could birth RBD sims with some constraints from some flip particles (or just pops) shot up from the tyres as a separate system.

Or this type of stuff looks clumpy.. maybe not in the right way and a kinda heavy handed way to deal with it, especially if its fast moving.


from this discussion:


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Since you already have started doing R&D with flip sims for the mud, I would take the flip sim a bit further.

Simply lay down a sop solver, in which you scatter some points inside your source for the mud.

Then copy spheres on those new points, group the flip particles by the sphere and give only does points a way heavier viscosity attribute.

Then lay down a switch and only only have the spheres turned on for one frame...

Kinda like in the bubbles example from H12... just with viscosity instead of density.

That should give you nice clumping in the sim.

And then you can always use the velocity field of the underlaying flip sim to drive a pop sim, on which you scatter solid stone/mud object that you model. to add more to the sim.

Just keep in mind that the biggest instance should be as big as your smallest clump in the flip sim.

Hope this helps a bit.



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Appreciate the replies Jordan and Juri, I'll take your ideas into account and hopefully post something for you all soon!


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