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how to shatter with glue constraints?

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just started learning houdini and sorry if its a stupid question.

i am trying to shatter a simple object using my own network (instead of the shelf button) and i do not know how or where to continue.

i have an example file, where i have shattered and have a "network" ready to be wired-in, but i am lost.

any / all help much appreciated.


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Hi hou_nood.

First of all - in voronoi fracture - voronoi fracture Connect inside edges should be truned on - by default it turned off always (don't know why Sidefx desided to use off method)

Second - Glue network can be created manually with tetrahedralize node or with any method you want - but it should connect piece to piece with edges (create centroids for each piece and draw the lines between them) - and for better work you can use Glue Pieces node (because in your case your setup won't work because you didin't define name attribute on your Glue which will be the same for each piece "name attrib after voronoi fracturing")

For example "name attrib(primitive) for piece = piece1" and glue piece for this piece should has the same attrib name (point) = "piece1"

Good luck.

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