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Boundry conditions within FLIP using SDF or fields

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Hey Everyone

I'm looking for a solution to define either


or a free-slip boundry condition.

defined here.


Essentially I'm trying to rest two fluids on top of one an other (FluidA ontop of FluidB) and specify the fluidA to have fluidB's velocity only on the boundry.

I see with the flipsolver there is enforce_side_boundaries piping into the pressure_solve and again enforce_side_boundaries_viscosity piping into enable_viscosity

Both use the Gas Enforce Boundry DOP

According to the doc's "The Gas Enforce Boundary DOP enforces boundary conditions on a field. There are two types of boundary conditions. The first are the side boundaries that are setup when the field is created. The second are collision boundaries which are specified by the collision object."

Should this be thought of in the same way as within naiad and various other CFD packages where one can inform the solver what the fluid should do across a boundry, ie no-slip vs freeslip etc?

It seems like this what I'm after however If this isnt even nearly where I should be trying to solve this, could anyone point me to the right direction?

Thanks in advance


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