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Accesses Attributes in DOP

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I have a Box wich is a RBG Object and is wired up to a rigitbodysolver. now i want to access the primitive attributes on this box to apply a force only if the attribute reaches a certain value. (this is just a simple example to explain my problem)

So i used the Group node in DOP and there i want to use this expression:

prim("/obj/AutoDopNetwork/box/Geometry", 0,"A",0)


prim("$OBJID/Geometry", 0,"A",0)

but it does not work, but why?







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accessing data from DOPs is different than SOPs since data like Geometry doesn't belong to particular DOP nodes but to DOP objects

the syntax for it is


so in your case it would be

prim("/obj/AutoDopNetwork:box/Geometry", 0,"A",0)

or since you are using it in the dopnet

prim("..:box/Geometry", 0,"A",0)

but for it to work as you wan you will need to update geometry on the object either by using deforming geometry or by using some DOP dolver to modify it

and that's not very expensive if you only need to access attribute from the source geo

so you can just reach to source geo directly

prim(opfullpath(chsop("../box/soppath")), 0,"A",0)

you may also browse the forums as there is plenty of examples how to activate rbds based on some attribute etc

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Oh thank you very much.

I had already found some interessting posts but they kind of lead me in a wrong direction.

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now the problem is that i can access the the attribute but the DOP network does not behave in the way i excpected.

So i have my fractured cube with prim Attribute "selected = 0" and over time some of them get "selected = 1".

what i want to do is to list all RBD Fractured objects with the "selected = 1" in a group and apply gravity on them.

But somehow it does not work.

in this example file i am checking the attribute of the prim number 11 and at frame 49 it changes its "selected" attribute from 0 to 1 so gravity should be applied. (but does not)

however if the attribute "selected = 1" from the first frame on it works. (all opperation types are on "Set Always" so this should not be the problem)


https://www.dropbox....x/Dop Group.jpg



Dop Group Test 02.hip

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