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Expressions and workflow

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Hi all

I need to divide some points based on a pscale attribute.

1) less than .3 , pscale =0

2) 0<pscale<.6, pscale =.6

3)else pscale =1.0

I tried to use 3 point nodes with expressions. First one is easy.

if ($PSCALE<.3),0, $PSCALE. But how do you do compound expressions .like

0<pscale<.6 or

Pscale<.6 and pscale >0

Another workaround was to use a group node and delete nodes for each case. But it not elegant

Thanks in advance

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Try this in a partition SOP, in the rule parameter:

group_`if($PSCALE > 0.3 && $PSCALE < 0.6, 6, if($PSCALE <= 0.3, 0, 1))`

It should create 3 point groups named group_0, group_6 and group_1



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