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Angry Gorilla - Fur Shader R&D

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After watching the new Dawn of the Planet of the Apes trailer, I couldn't resist to try to do some angry "Ape-ing" myself. :)


I used the Houdini Fur tools to achieve this effect and rendered it with Mantra PBR, composited in Nuke.


I used my customized fur shader, which has a slightly better specularity, than the built in shader.

At least in my opinion. :)


The dynamic simulation was done with the wiresolver. I'm not quite happy with the turbulent movement just yet. Maybe I'll try it on an animated Ape next time.


Rendering time was about a minute and a half / frame.


I got the Gorilla model from TurboSquid, it was modeled by the extremely talented "chauvobatruong".


Any feedback is more than welcome!

Thank you for you attention! ;)






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