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Using houdini in fields other than CG? For science/technology?

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I love houdini and admire how powerful and elegant this software is.

I wonder if it is being used in some fields other than cg.

Especially things like science, technology, robotics?

The thing is that I want to move from 3D art into these fields, and it would be awesome if I could leverage my experience with houdini to do that.

I am especially interested in robotics and AI, but I am looking for all kinds of ideas and I amcurious about any examples of using houdini for purposes other than 3D, if you know them - please share =)

I remember seing video of a guy controlling robotic claw by using houdini asset, and the other way around - there was a video of houdini rig being controlled by a physical robot, that was awesome.

But it was done just for fun, I wonder if theres real practical applications.

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here is the claw... 



i heard that a university was using houdini to control UAV quad copter flight... can't find the link though.

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