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Boat Ride - Flip Fluid R&D

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Hey guys!


This quick Flip Fluid R&D was aiming to create a fairly realistic Boat Riding simulation in a large scale water.


The video contains a breakdown with some information about my system specs and my simulation settings.


The end result didn't come out as good as I wanted to, since I wanted to have more particles and higher render settings, but I didn't have a lot of time working on it and my laptop wasn't able to handle more particles in the given time period I had for creating the effect.


But all in all it was a good exercise and it was a fun little project. :)


SOFTWARES USED: Houdini FX, Nuke, After Effects


Animation, Simulation, Shading, Rendering and Compositing was done by Laszlo L. Ujvari aka. Myself :)
Boat model was downloaded from 3dmodel.domawe.com
Music: Zero7 - Waiting Line


Thank you for you attention!

Hope you enjoy! :)





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