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adding multiple nodes to selected

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Is there a way to drop one type of node underneath selected nodes.


So if i have a bunch of object merges coming in and i want to add the name operator between the object merges and the next connected node, how could i do that. I assume through a script of some sort using hou.selectedNodes and hou.nodetype but i'm not able to put it all together. 


Help would be much appreciated.



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it would be something like this

def insertNodeAfter(type = "null"):
    nodes = hou.selectedNodes()
    for node in nodes:
        connections = node.outputConnections()
        insertNode = node.createOutputNode(type)
        for connection in connections:
            outNode = connection.outputNode()
            outInput = connection.inputIndex()
            outNode.setInput(outInput, insertNode)

then you can call it on selected nodes and chose desired type of node being inserted

so for Name SOP it would be


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