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Use particles velocity for pyro

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Hi everyone


I am trying to source POPs velocity into DOPs to drive a pyro sim,


I followed Peter Quint`s tutorial on Particle smoke: https://vimeo.com/11194348, and tried to source the particles velocity using "vector field DOP" and "gas particle to


field DOP", But no matter what I do I can not get it work,


I also tried using a "POP solver " and attaching it into the "velocity update" input of the pyro solver, it works for flip fluid sims but not for pyro sims,


I am relatively new to Houdini and I can not figure out  what I am doing wrong or even if this is the right approach to source POPs velocity for using in pyro sims.


I have attached my hip file


I would really appreciate any help.






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or just use Field Force DOP and as a second input plug SOP Geometry DOP (Set Always) reading your particles

set Field Force DOP/Force Attribute to v

and play with the settings

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Thanks alot teratera and anim,


In the meanwhile I managed to get the same result by using a second "fluid source SOP" to source just the velocity of the particles and merge it with the density "source volume" in DOP,

But using a "VDB from particles" seems like a more straight forward way of doing this,


Also tried the "Field Force DOP" as well, it gives the same results but just with a tiny bit more tweaking!


Thanks again guys really appreciate it :)



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wait i'm lose how did u guys get it to work, I've been trying to do this for sometime now i'm don't really know anything about VBD can you example a little more what you did, and can this work on animated geo as well


thank you

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