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Baking projected textures on ANOTHER UV Map

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hi there.

I´m doing some camera projection. I already did my camera matching, and now I want to project some parts of the image over the UVs of the object, so I add a UV Texture SOP, with the option "Perspective from camera".

Now, as I want to retouch and fix some of those projected textures, I would need to bake those projections over ANOTHER UV.

So, how do I do this?

Do I use the "UV Render Object" on a Mantra node? How do I tell it to use another UV Mapping to bake the camera-projected UVs on?


I´m sure many people has solved this before...

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if your projected UV attribute is called uv

and your other UV you want to unwrap to is called uv2

then just make sure your material is sampling texture using uv

and below UV Render Object on Mantra you can see UV attribute parameter, put uv2 there so that the unwrapped render is done in uv2 space

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EDIT: Nevermind! I solved it. Check below in case anybody else has the same problem.


Hey Tomas, I tried using the UV render object and "uv2" attribute  and Mantra wasn´t rendering anything.

First I got a Raytracing "UV rendering unsupported with raytracing", so I changed from PBR to Micropoly, and then it rendered a black frame and nothing else.


Just in case I also tried the command mantra -u /obj/tower1:uv2 with the same result.


Then I tried the uv attribute instead of uv2 and didnt get anything either...do you have the simplest scene ever (just a box will do) so I can check if I´m doing anything wrong or I hit a bug?


EDIT: In order for all this to work you need to have your "uv" or "uv2" or whatever parameter you use as a vertex attribute, not a point attribute...which is misleading, because some tools such as UV Unwrap, do create it as a vertex attribute, but most others don´t. In that case your regular Attribute Promote will do the converting-point-to-vertex-attribute job just fine.

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