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cloth constraint input values

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i have a simple example of a cloth being constraint to a torus.


i have to be doing something wrong because if i edit the remesh ( to make a high res mesh ) the constraints go crazy ( because the vertices are hardcoded - un-houdini like. ) i guess i am doing something wrong.. ?


in the file, try changing the remesh to .5 from 1 and see for yourself. 



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there is plenty of procedural ways, you just specified exact point numbers for the constraints so houdini will always use points with those numbers regardless of the input geometry


you can however specify point group for constraints so then is up to you to keep that group procedurally updating with your geometry


one of the ways is to group points by bounding object (file included)


or you can use Grouptransfer SOP to transfer the group based on distance

or plenty of other ways including attribute transfers volume lookups, etc. endless possibilities


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ah ! i got fooled when i did not see a pull down menu with group names like some other operators.


thanks for your help !

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