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Water surface tension when fish jumping from under water surface.

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Hi, I'm working on water splash for my graduated thesis in school.


So far, I couldn't make water surface tension, so I just put emitter on top of fish and spreading water.

But it doesn't seem having any surface tension and just looks pouring water.

This is my work so far.




I would like to get water tension when fish is jumping from under water surface as following reference.



Could you guys give me any advice or suggestion to have natural water tension as the references?


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flip solver > volume > collision


there is an option 'static on collision' and many parameters...


Houdini help says...


<Keeping a high Normal Scale but decreasing the Tangent Scale can create a “sticktion” effect, where the fluid flows quickly around the collision but remains stuck to the surface.>


have a try...

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Those ejection from water before the object emerges are done by additional velocities(fake) added, since we dont have the luxury to make really deep water so we have water pushing water, we have to fake it. You can also try to use, stick option in the flip solver.

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