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Flip and Sop Solver

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I have been experimenting with FLIP and at a point where i want to use a sop solver to manipulate the velocity of the particles.. 

so, I create a sop solver in the AutoDopNetwork and then....


inside the SOP solver are > dop_geometry, impacts, feedbacks, relationship_geometry


i want to grab the dop_geometry and to "process" but i am thrown for a loop with the 



can anyone help me with this magic ? While i am happy Houdini autoMagically fills in the data, i am clueless what is imported?


If i were to delete all the nodes inside the SOP solver, how would i bring the Flip particles in, to process them to change their velocity.

thanks in advance


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Your flip particles come in at 'dop_geometry' SOP inside the SOP Solver.


The flip particles are stored in the 'Geometry' field of the dopsim.  Under the Geometry Data Path of the DOP Import 'dop_geometry', its is grabbing the path 'Geometry' from the chs("../datapath") reference

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