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Packed fractured - keyframe mixed with simulation

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I've seen a few examples of mixing key-framed or deforming geometry with simulated stuff. I'm not sure how feasible some of these methods are a lot of the time.

For obvious reasons the RBDKeyActive DOP won't work with packed primitives because you really want to call an active attribute for each fractured piece to activate in DOPs. Which will only work if you use normal bullet, without packing it.

Firstly, is there any workaround here when mixing keyframe and simulation with PACKED fractured geometry?

Also generally, I seem to still get unnatural results whenever I try activating sims on top of animated. For instance take the building collapse in Transformers 3. The top half of the building would have been keyframed, even possibly some deformation keyframing, with simulation data activated to supplement that animation...I think? What would be the best way to do that?

Any ideas much appreciated, its a tricky one for me for sure...



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I guess there's no clear good or bad way to do this :)

I think I'll be cheating it. Sim first, key-frame later...

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