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another quickie!

i simply cannot get the index of refraction working in Houdini apprentice ( v5.5.36 ) for the supermatSHOP. i simply applied it to a sphere with the alpha para down for transperancy and a texture behind it on another geometry but when i alter the index of refraction i see no difference in the rendered image, i've gone from 0.8 to 1.8 with no difference. i'm wondering is there something else i should be doing? though i guess it should be pretty much straight forward.

lost and confused

btw, i've tried the v_glassSHOP and the index of refraction works on that but i'm just after the extra parameters offered by the v_supermatSHOP.

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Neat. 5.5.36 will use my existing Houdini license (not hte beta license). :) I can even use dual proc rendering as well. Whohoo.

However, you're right, Betty about the refraction. I am not certain why, unfortunately. I'll try to find out.

Anyone knows?

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