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Roof modeling from CAD line data

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I am trying to model buildings based on CAD drawings.

The part I need help with is roof at this point. The relevant curves are in three layers. "Takkant", "M__nelinje" and "Bygningslinje".





Here is an illustration of the data/Groups.

"M__nelinje" Group has curves for the centerlines of the roof(s), "Takkant" has the edge lines and "Bygningslinje" is for corners..



My math/Python and VEX skills are not sufficcient to come up with a solution. If you can please have a look and suggest a path I should take to be able to work out roofs for these buildings?



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Hey, this is far from optimized and I hope it applies to your case... your file is huge and that might be part of the problem: Isolate the case, prototype and then mass produce! :)

It kinda works for me, sometimes :D




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