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how do I pin rigid bodies to wires?


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I can see the other way, pinning a wire to a rigid body (like a pendulum effect or a wrecking ball), but I want to do the opposite. I want to sim the flexible steel beams as wires inside the building and then have the rigid part (the awnings, glass, and frames) break from the forces from being attached to the wires.


See attached hip file with a wire outline of a building being shaken in an earthquake. I want to glue/pin the pieces of window geo to the wires and then have internal glue in the window pieces such that they burst from forces.


I have a gluenetwork kinda working, but the rigid bodies want nothing to do with the wire part of the sim using the connectAdjacentPieces SOP.


Any hints on what I'm doing wrong?


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I also just tried using the output from the curve as an animated-geo static body to push around my active rigid bodies (the windows), both free form and as glued pieces. Neither was successful in any way.


With cloth there's an "Attach to Body" shelf tool that glues cloth to rigid bodies. Anyway to get that between wires and rigid bodies? I must be missing some low level and basic tech here. Maybe Houdini's interface has gotten too friendly and I've gotten too lazy. Ha.

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