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Hello world

simulation question

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Hi I would want to approximately simulate around 200 frames of pyro sim.

1)I have my explosion simed to disk using a file dop for around 25 frames.There was a power problem and Now again if I want to simulate frames from frame 26.

does this means I have to wait again till frame 25 to simulate frame 26


second question is

 as the simulation range increases towards 40 the bgeo file size is too much even with bgeo.gz compression.and for every frame after frame 40 it takes around 3 hours easily to write out the bgeo files.


Is there a better way to optimize this.Almost for every sim I encounter the above two situations

Would be great if someone could help me out.

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It kind of sounds like you're simulating at a resolution that is a bit too high for your hardware setup :P


If you have .sim files saved of your simulation (via explicit cache or something), then you can continue from where you left off.


For the bgeo size, if you do not need all the volume fields for rendering, you may not need to save them to disk. You can disable volume fields from the DOP I/O node, e.g. toggle off the "Import" parameter for velocity. Also, you can do some mild compression on volumes in the Compression tab of the DOP I/O node.

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The DOP I/O node is for bringing data out of the simulation for processing/rendering in SOPs, it will not affect the simulation.


You will need to figure out what fields your shader will use and need. You only need velocity if you will render with motion blur.

A simple smoke shader uses nothing but density, but the pyro shader will use most of your fields, depending on your settings.

Fuel should be safe to ditch, and in the case you are not using any noise in the shader, the rest fields can go, too.

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