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Color Geometry COP - Urgent!!!

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Hello guys, I'm running through a little bit of trouble here,


I need to project a geometry and create a texture out of it so I can map it later to another geometry so I can get the color divisions on it. Here's a graphic explanation of my problem:



What I need is not to Geo Cop in a constant color but rather as if it were a render with the corresponding Cd color for each pixel.


I hope somebody can point me in the right direction, thanks a lot to everyone. 


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Thanks for the reply, I had to adjust some things on the camera but definitely got on the direction I needed, now what I'm finding hard to figure out is hoy do I get the primitive Cd parameter on a constant shader, I see that it is referred as a Cf (Surface Color) but that overrides the Cf attribute of the primitives. Any idea of how to chieve this?

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