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Rendering Multi Pass/ takes from different shaders in one EXR

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I am rendering a fluid Simulation from Houdini 12.5, I need the follwing pass into one EXR file for that fluid

  • Beauty Pass
  • Flat Color pass
  • Self Shadow pass
  • Desnity pass
  • Shadow pass

I am very new to Houdini (three weeks old), I am not sure that, if I use different shaders for each pass how can I integrate them together, or add them to different takes and the combine those takes into one EXR File.

I am still learning about custom shaders, I did manage to create a density pass by adding red and blue color in FireBall shader, and then used that paramter from the VEX in mantra as a seprate pass. But my primary shader as is billowi smoke, how do I combine all that into a single file

Super Awesome thanks in advance.

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You don't need to use different shaders. You need to add attribute exports to the existing shader. 


Edit the billowy smoke shader and add bind VOPS via "Bind Export" for any attributes you wish to export from your shader as an AOV (arbitrary output variable). Once you've added the attribute exports to the shader, add extra image planes for each desired attribute from the Mantra ROP "output" tab. 


For example, in the billowy smoke shader attach a "bind export" vop to the "density" parameter VOP. Name it "density". In the mantra ROP, create an extra image plane for "density" and you'll get that image plane added to your .exr output file. 

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