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Glue System Problem

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i have a problem with my gluesystem. It is pretty basic. I have a House Mesh with a fractured balcony. The House and the Balcony are send to DOP as two seperate Fractured RBD Objects. The balcony also got a simple Gluenetwork assigned.

But when I run the simulation, the gluesystem does not seem to have an effect. Even when i make it unbreakable. But as soon as i disable the House Object in Dops and only simulate the balcony the glue works. :blink:

I attached the Houdini File. The purple Nodes are the Dop and the Glue Nodes. The red Filde Node is where the HouseE.bgeo mesh is read.

Hope someone can help me with this.

Kind regards



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The reason its happening is because you have two sets of name attributes feeding into the constraint network, both prefixed with "piece".

Result is that you have multiple pieces named the same thing.  this is a problem for the constraint network because you need unique names 

so it knows how to build the constraints. 

In the "Glue" subnet.. see how the polygons are all crazy.


Easy fix is to use a different name attribute inside of "create_fractured_groups" .. like "static_pieces" or something.

This will then make glue for correctly for balcony.


To glue balcony to static building you'd bring in those pieces in before the "connectadjacentpieces1" node.


Hope that helps

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thank you for your quick resond.
sounds logical. I will trie this out as soon as i can.
(working at another shot for the moment)

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