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Plz help with critiques/advices/tips

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Hi all 


 I'm looking for Critiques and tips on how I can improve my work. I simulated this using the Pyro solver and open cl with the sub steps 1(min) and 6(max) and a CFL condition of 3. The hope was to reduce the ghosting/trailing that is happening with the feet but as u can see it didn't work as I'd hope. Other then that I like the effect that came out but I wanted others option on how it looks. I didn't use combustion but here are some other settings.


shape tab (pyro solver)

division size of .04

dissipation of .075

disturbance 1.8

turbulence 0.25


simulation tab

timescale 1

temperature 1.7

cooling rate 0.6

viscosity 0

buoyancy lift 17

buoyancy Dir 0,0,-1


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