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SDF calculation takes for ever (Smoke Sim)

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Hello everyone,

I have some serious problems with the simulation time of my Smoke. Suddenly, from frame 69 to frame 70 the SDF calculation for the density source is taking for ever.
But there are no major changes in the source geometry. The normal SDF calculation time ranges between several seconds but starting at frame 70 it takes 20min plus.


(The source is the geometry from a fractured bulding)

Where sould i start to look for a solution?

Thank you in advance,


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Performance Monitor. Find which node is taking all the time then trace back from there.


On the other hand you might be hitting swap.

Are you playing back the sim from the play bar watching the results in the viewport? You may want to render out the volume geo from the DOP Import SOP or fire off a flip book. Both of these options will evaluate the sim without it caching the results to memory for scrubbable playback.

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