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Help achieving Sharp and Thin Smoke Details.

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I am having some problem creating sharp and thin smoke using wispy smoke.I am a new user and not very proficient at Houdini but I have been trying on my own, gathering information from the forum.


In a nutshell, I am trying the effect of a woman emitting smoke from her body.For this I shot the model on green screen, extracted the key and used the trace and scatter sop in Houdini.I have set my simulation.Since I wanted fine smoke, with more details, sharpness and crispness, I searched for the 'how to' get that and came across the 'ink effect' technique using millions of particles.


I advected my particles with simulation, however, I think I am missing something.It is not retaining the shape of my sim.My idea is to use the technique to add finer details.


Could you kindly take a look at my hipnc file and tell me what am I doing wrong?Is it that smoke is too thick with too many scattered points or am I doing something wrong in the particle network?Or may be there is a way to achieve what I want without getting into particles?


I have intentionally reduced the number of particles temporarily.


* Also is there any way to control opacity of particles with the sim density?


The files below include the hipnc file, a few frames of alpha keys to be loaded into the trace sops, and a few frames of advection test render.This for some reason didn't let me attach the zip file so I am using dropbox.




Thank you for your help.

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If you need very thin and sharp details you might want to consider advection. This is a process where you sim a low res to decent res smoke to capture the rough behavior you want and then create a bunch of particles that follow the velocity of that smoke. If you have enough particles like several million they will be packed tigther than or approximate to the size of a pixel to give you thin sharp renders.

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there are several ways to do this, but advecting particles like Ryan said would work.

But if you go with density you could try upresing your sim, ramp to form sharpness in the density, use the sinc filter, also light it properly to get different shadows on your pass

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Thank you so much!Advection is working fine.Thank you once again!

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