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Motion Vector Pass for Volumes Houdini

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Hi, I have been working on a motion vector pass for Volumes in Houdini specially for version13 for few days now, and after looking at some forums and and files with little bit of tweaking I have a version. Two Actually.

Please look at the pass in action in the video Below.

I just want to know, what more to do and what to tweak need to be done to it (& how) to make this production usable. I have uploaded the file below, if you want to look at the file/ tweak it.
Please suggest, which one is more usable, the one with Full Opacity filtering or the other one? And what do I do abiut the jitter on the pass?

Thanks in advance for the help, and thanks to the people whose posts I refered to, to reach this far as I am just few weeks old with houdini.


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This is pretty cool, where are you doing your compositing to apply the blur? I'm guessing you will be using these vector for motion blur

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I am composting in Nuke, yes will be using for blur, just hoping if I get a heads up, that if I am going in the right direction and more should I do to make them a end usable pass

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