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ROP output for RBD & Flip simulations

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Hello Everyone,
I have a two part question I was hoping some Houdini gurus might be able to chime in on.  I'm in the process of setting up a dam break using flip fluids, and I would like those flip particles to drive the active state of my voronoi simulation.  The problem I'm facing is exporting the simulated data.  I can simulate and export the flip first, but it doesn't react accordingly to the RBD, or I can try and simulate the RBD, but they wont be driven by the fluids.  I'm a little perplexed.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can go about exporting both the fluids and the RBD simulation at the same time?


Another question I have is about RBD and active points.  I'm currently driving the active points of my RBD using the fluid simulation, but sometimes the RBD pieces become inactive based on the water location, causing them to freeze.  Its not the best solution, can you recommend another?


Ive attached a simple test case that should highlight the issues I'm facing.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.




p.s. I should note that the final simulation needs to be run over a farm, not just locally.


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I'm not sure if I'm understanding exactly what you want, but here's a guess.

Using an attributepromote SOP you can set a detail attrib to the max value of Cd, then promote that back down to points, thus activating all of the parts of your fractured RBD object as soon as the first one comes in contact with the water. All of the fractured RBD objects will remain active as long as at least one of them is touching the water.


I'm using hfs 13.0.343 and the RBD and FLIP seem to be colliding with each other and exchanging forces in a plausible manner.


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