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Save Record Chop Data to file.

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Hi all,


I have been using the Pipe In chop and recording it with the Record Chop.

I am now trying to save the data as a '.bclip' by right clicking the record chop then, save data channels.

I get to choose the location, name and type. But when I click accept is says 'save failed: unknown reason'.

I have tried all the different formats and saving it from chops further down the line.

Also switching on and off the export flag.


Has anyone had a similar problem?

Is it a licensing thing?


Any help would be appreciated.



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If you're on Apprentice, then I think you need to save out to .bclipnc although I would have thought it would do that automatically (at least it does that for .hip files). Another thing to check is to make sure you turn off recording before saving.

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