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How to control the direction of polyextrude in local coordinates.

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Probably very simple, but I can't figure out how to control the local coordinate system for polyextrude. I.e. point control over in what direction to extrude the points. I'm setting the point normal, but it has no effect. If I use a particle system, connect those with add, and polyextrude, the extruded faces are completely static; however if I use the Trail SOP, the direction of the polyextrude is changing every frame. How can I control it? Simple HIP attached. 



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Hey Memo,


Considering how much your work has helped me in openFrameworks I thought it would only be fair to see if I could help you out on this. :)


I found this little gem which seems to solve the problem.  The issue is how the polyExtrude treats the incoming geometry.  If the group field is left empty it treats the geo as primitives and ignores the Normal orientation.  If you create an edge group first and feed that into the polyExtrude it treats the geo as edges and should then work as you'd want it to.


Hope that helps.






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