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Rbd or wire sim with 2d shape goal

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Hello everybody,

I've been studying Houdini for quite a while now but still I find situations where I get terribly stuck.


I need to produce a controlled simulation of a simple pearl bracelet which, after falling and landing on the ground, gets a precise 2d shape (a number for instance).


I thought about creating a wire simulation and then copy spheres of the points after the sim,

or make a rbd constraint of every pearl (which I realized I am not able).


Yet, I don't understand how to drive the second part of the simulation, the one in which the bracelet moves to adapt to the 2d shape. 

I've worked with POP Attract or using a single point to advect RBD objects through a constant force but I feel these are far away from the solution.


Could anyone help?

An example scene would be much appreciated.


Thanks a lot.


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