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Need help plz! Mantra PBR render passes

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Hi guys!

I've got a plea for someone, who know about Houdini Mantra Multiple Image Planes(PBR) - could you PLEASE give me a scene(.hip file) with simple pbr-compatible shader, 2 light sources - direct and indirect, and mantra rop, which produces this passes:

1. direct irradiance - amount of direct light received, could be black&white(float). it must be only amount of light, without enything else; 

2. diffuse - without shading, only color(i know, how to reach that one);

3. indirect - AMOUNT of indirect light received, as in "direct irradience" pass;

4. specular - i want simple specular, without diffuse and anything else. couldn't reach it by myself. I've got diffuse component in my tests.

5. reflection - i think, it's like "inderect_reflect" from mantra surface shader default image planes. But I don't need diffuse! Only reflection of objects and self-reflection - no lights.


Terminology, that I'm using - it's from MentalRay. I want to reproduce my Mental Ray(from maya) shader in Houdini Mantra, but I just can't get those freaking  passes!

I want to say - I'm not lazy bastard. I've wasted a lot of hours, trying all default image planes, trying to create my custom export nodes in vex editor - I simple can't understand it!


I will not give you my failed .hip files because there is not any usefull information. I will attach file with test shader and passes that I need to achieve from Mental Ray.


Crying for your help. I will be much MUCH appreciate it. I just need scene, that is got shader and rop, that gives result that I need to dive in, explore it and understand, how it works...


Best regards,



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Have a look at the "properties" -> "output" tab in the Mantra ROP. 


There's a parameter called "Extra Image Planes". set it to 5 (the number of additional AOV's you want). This will turn on a parameter block for each AOV. Next to the parm "vex variable" in each parameter block, you should see a little triangle. This is a pulldown menu of presets. 


You can find direct/indirect diffuse, reflect, refract, etc. here. 


Hope that helps. 

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Hiya Paul… have a look at this guide




Page 205 onwards..


I highly recommend you download all the book's chapters 




Hope it helps


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Thanks for answer!

I have been exprerimenting with Image Planes for a long time and have got needed result. Unfortunately, don't remember it right now and my notes are at work, so I'll post it in this topic later(like 2 weeks).




Thank you very much! I've been searching info like this for a lot of hours and haven't found anything usefull. Quick look on your link - that's what I neen on this stage of my work. Much appreciate! Will download now and dive in.


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