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Displace points at render time

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I have two cases.



A grid being rendered with displacement (an attribute on the geo defining how much the grid is displaced from the centre outwards)



The points from the grid only. Trying to displace these in exactly the same way. The damn things won't be displaced at render time.


Anyone have any idea why "case1" works and "case2" doesn't?





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Thats interesting!

Probably mantra does not run displacement part of the shader on points as you can actually manipulate them before that.

I just did some tests and I wasn`t able to move points at render time at all.

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Cheers for that Petr, very useful!


The help card for the point replicate proc says that you have access to the global variables "P", "id" and "pid".

It also says:


"You can use additional attributes of the points being instanced on. The available attributes are controlled by the Attributes To Copy parameter."


I understand this to mean that I can bring ANY attributes on the points into CVEX and use them to do stuff - this part works fine. I am curious if I am able to set other attributes on points in the CVEX shader such as colour?

Can I modify the colour in the CVEX shader and have my material pick up that modified colour?

I have tried and so far no luck...


Thanks again.

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You are welcome.

You can, just add color attribute to the original source points and then add it also to the Attributes To Copy parameter. Then you can change color inside cvex shader.
I added quick example.


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