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Procedural Textures (curvature,ao)

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Hi Guys,


After painting a lot of edge scuffs/rust/drips in I was fed up with the tedious labor of doing everything by hand.

Especially when the stuff you do is almost always the same 'trick'.


Is it possible to recreate something like this in vops?



This is btw the closest I could get in my search:




Thanks in advanced guys! 


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Hey Guys!


This is more for future reference, because I did find what I was after.

http://forums.odforce.net/topic/8471-eetus-lab/page-14 (magician Eetu!)


I was looking for a way to quickly create weathered materials without to much hassle of hand painting stuff. 

So I thought I could set stuff up in houdini a little bit how substance designer / dDo works but without the prebaking. 

But I didn't find that a viable solution for me. The Ao combined with Curvature are pretty heavy on the render(especially if I use this approach for all assets and I'm afraid of the possibility of extra jitter).

It just a nice thought you could copy an asset 1000s of times and they have all different weathering in there textures based on there surrounding elements etc.


Now back with Mari but this time my workflow is a lot different. Thanks to playing around with dDo and Substance. 

I'm working a lot more procedurally now, knowing you can really get a lot done just combining a Curvaturemap, Aomap, noises and some Triplanar textures in a smart way. 

It's really easy to turn a couple of sliders and save as a different/extra texture. So I could randomly load the textures in Houdini with a little bit of colour offset per copy for variation. 


In the future I would like to experiment some more with baked pointclouds. But for now the Mari workflow is quick enough for me.


Thanks! Hopefully someone finds this a bit helpful.

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