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rigid body die on collision?

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hi everyone!!

This is my first post to the forum and i feel excited.

I am a Houdini newbie and trying to get use to Houdini.

I am trying to fill a cup with popcorn. I used scattered points and used RBD point object shelf tool to instance my popcorns to scattered points.

after running simulation i want to create initial state of the popcorns inside the cup. But my problem is there are some spilling out popcorns and i want to get rid of them for the initial state.

How can i get rid of the unwanted popcorns

Thank you.



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After simulation, you can close your cup some way (some remodelling and maybe with polycap) so that you will have closed proxy of your cup an make sdf from that cap. Then you can check in vop sop or point wrangle your initial state if they are in that sdf or not and delete unneeded instances.

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