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10 minute Hippy??

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I have heard about them but where can I see or read more about the Sigraph 10 minute hippy contests?

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Wow. Where did you hear about the Hippy Contest?

I believe it was Siggraph 1997 or 1998 but I am probably wrong. For those who don't know, the hippy contest was a 10 minute long competition starting from scratch only utilizing whatever was on the Houdini CD. No loading of any pre-made files. Each of the pre-qualified users had to build the most impressive procedural and pretty animation in Houdini. All worked at their stations at the same time as Greg Hermanovic switched the large monitor to each of the workstation's screens. Lots of fun.

The contestants I remember were:

Paul Simpson and the Jellyfish demo. The eventual winner.

Antoine Durr and the procedural puzzle. Man it was cool but just missed that "sexy" factor that Paul is known for. Most impressive exercise though as he typed in the scripts that he needed to do the exercise.

Caleb Howard but the exercise escapes me. I remember being very impressed though.

A few others. I remember that each one was excellent.

I am searching through my many gigabytes of files to see if I can dredge out some of the hippy contest files. If I find them then I will post them here. One of the programmers may still have them.

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