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GLSL SHOP Exemple ?

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Hi guys,


I would like to play with the GLSL SHOP inside H in order to build my own set of shaders for the viewport.

The only stuff i find in the doc is this



Not so much exemple there. :) I would like to know if you have any idea where i can find real world exemple of GLSL SHOP code/exemple.

I would be interested to implement some sort of PBR shader for the viewport.


Something that would mimic those concept in a more trivial way






Any Input would be greatly appreciated !





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There are good stuff to check in this folder just in case someone is also interested by the GLSL stuff ...

In the $HH\glsl ( C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini 13.*.*\houdini\glsl ) you have lot of cool exemple.


I would be curious to know how do SESI proceed for linking inside the Mantra Shader 2 different parts.

1 - The Vex Part written with the VOP network to feed Mantra Render

2 - The OpenGL Part written with GLSL code to feed the Viewport


In case you are creating your own PBR shader and that you start from scratch. How would you proceed to link

1 - Your custom VEX network

2 - The GLSL code that give you an equivalence in the viewport

... like in the Mantra Shader ?


Can you do this without knowing the HDK with only VEX/ PYTHON / VOP ?


Thanks for your help ! :)

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I second this topic. If anybody knows how to use Houdini GLSL Shader efficiently, I'd die to know.




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Following the Help I can compile the GLSL example but it does not seem to take affect in the viewport. The help needs additional information that explains how to install the shader so the viewport makes use of it.

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