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Amazon Cloud Hqueue WindowsError: [Error 32] The process cannot access

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I am trying to render on Amazon Cloud but after pre flight I get an error saying:


WindowsError: [Error 32] The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process


Do you have any idea about it. I removed the antivirus software to be sure. Restarted the computer and reinstalled houdini too but no luck.



Windows 7

Houdini Indıe 13.0.509


I hope someone has an idea


Thank you.


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Thank you but it doesn't show anything other than hindie process for the scene handle


And also a new empty scene with "balls, cam and lights" don't give that error and send to the cloud. But I get an error saying "Error:       Invalid .hip file header" and job failes. 


Thank you 

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If anyone have that issue,  I managed to solve windows error with process explorer linked by mantragora by killing the handle to the file and also killing hython from task manager.

But amazon cloud instance failes the jobs. Even just with a ball and light.


First  (choose Houdini version) failed and then  (submit cloud render) failed.


Error message is: 

Error:       Invalid .hip file header

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After similar problems yesterday, I contacted support who's working on it. They said:


"Our developers agree that this could be a versioning issue. We will update the cloud version this week.

For future reference, if a job fails on the cloud, you can find out why by clicking on the View HQueue Jobs link on the cloud web page. Then keep clicking/diving into the failed Child Jobs until you reach the lowest job. The Command Output text area should show the error that caused the failure. You can also download the output to see the full log."


Cheers, Kevin

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