I've recently been doing a lot of rigging and skinning and I keep running into this issue. Just want to make sure I'm not missing something obvious before I go on bug submitting spree.    So the problem is this. I create a simple skeleton (whatever shape, in example I used slightly crooked one) apply simple skinning (shelf tool or manually, doesn't make difference). A bit later I find that i need to adjust some bones, so I rotate here, move a little bit there, etc. The I need to realign the capture pose of course, so I hit the shelf tool, pose get's aligned and everything goes to... As soon as I press the 'Align Capture Pose' tools. all my capture regions jump to original places, which effectively means I have no other option, but to paint all the skin weights, even though proximity or region capturing would work for me in many cases.    The question is. I the tool broken? Is it something else broken? and is it possible to align capture regions of tweaked bones.   I found out mainly because I have many similar simple characters and I'm finding fast way to rig them. Ideally I would just replace mesh, adjust a few positions and lengths of bones, recapture and done. I need capture regions to be always aligned with the bones for this to work though.   I'm attaching pictures of the original bone chain. What happens to capture regions after aligning capture pose and how it looks when skinned    Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated   Cheers